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Remedial Massage is an advanced application of massage involving the manipulation of soft tissue and mobilisation techniques to achieve specific objectives such as: freer, fuller range of movement; muscle relaxation and pain reduction.

Sports Therapy helps prevent and treat injuries, improve fitness, posture, body contours, mobility, strength, agility, relaxation, body-awareness and well-being.

Sports Massage is the application of specific massage techniques, designed to help improve sports performance or recovery from training and competition. Sports massage can be adapted to be used in pre-event, or post-event situations, and for general maintenance.

Pregnancy massage is extremely therapeutic, especially during the final trimester. With the use of a body cushion, clients can lie on their side in a comfortable and relaxed manner, with no pressure on aching limbs.  

Shiatsu originates from Japan and translates as 'finger pressure'. It is a form of physical therapy that involves pressure on acupuncture points and meridians using a combination of thumbs, fingers, palms or elbow and knees as well as a variety of other techniques such as stretches and mobilisations. Promotes general health and well-being.

Reflexology is based on the meridian system of the body as well as the idea that there are areas or reflex points on the feet and the hands that correspond to each organ, gland and structure in the body. Through working on these reflexes, tension is released throughout the whole of the body.

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